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Hey everyone! My name is Taylor, and my goal for this website is to help
everyone become more in tune with their Self; mentally, physically,
emotionally, and spiritually! I am a yoga instructor residing out of
Chandler, Arizona where I teach yoga at local LA Fitness' and parks around
the area, I am also a certified Reiki Master and hope to teach you many
ways you can heal yourself and others at any time! I hope many of you come
to my website and gain knowledge about how to live your life with more
awareness and love, how to live healthier and happier, and how you can be
your best self every day! You will be able to find different yoga
sequences, tips, videos, and my weekly teaching schedule on my blog as well
as various workout routines I do 3-4x/week to stay in the best shape that I
can be!

Some other things that I do to make myself happy that I would like to
spread and you will be able to find on my website are; magical DIYs, poems
by me and others who inspire me, Reiki information and access to Distance
Reiki with me, adventures of mine & tips on adventuring, recommended reads,
Goddess Circles, soulful recipes, mantras, crystal magic, different ways to
enhance your spirituality, jewelry from my small business, Tay's Buried
Treasures and much more!