Magical Goddess Bath Ritual

Here is an amazing recipe of a refreshing Goddess bath that will have you glowing, hydrated, and feeling so smooth afterwards! I try to take a bath once a week, every other week will be a Goddess bath or a detox bath! I like to take detox baths with the Full Moons (shed & renew energy) and Goddess Baths with the New Moons (manifestation).

Baths are very good for your mind, body, and soul. They help reduce stress, relax the mind, reduce wrinkles, exfoliate and hydrate your skin.

  1. Use sage or palo santo to cleanse the energy in your bathroom.
  2. Shower like normal, scrubbing off the energy from the day.
  3. Draw the bath with warm to hot water when you are done showering.
  4. As you are waiting for your bath to draw, think of the things you would like to manifest into your life. Simple luxuries that make you feel like a Goddess for example; free coffee before work, breakfast in bed, flowers from a friend, etc.. And other intentions including love to yourself and others in your life, and feeling and looking like a Goddess. Check swipe n clean. Writing down these intentions will give them even more power to grow into fruition.
  5. When your bath is full with water, I like to add 2 cups of milk, organic honey, essential oils (if I feel like) and flower petals from flowers that I had recently bought myself that week or the week before! Each flower represents a different power. ( create your own blend based on what you want to attract into your life )

Rose = love & pleasure

Calendula = strength

Elderflower = release

Hibiscus = energy

Lavender = relaxations & more

Soak in your tub with feelings of a radiating Goddess and gratitude for the present moment.