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Stanozolol (Winstrol) is an anabolic drug of enhanced action that is the direct heir of dihydrotestosterone. Its feature is that due to changes in the chemical composition of the anabolic effect is greatly enhanced. At the same time, the androgenic effect is greatly reduced. Among the most affordable steroids on the market, it has the strongest dissociation of androgenic and anabolic effects. It is worth noting the fact that the drug is absolutely not aromatized. The effect of stanozolol does not take long. Winstrol is very popular among beginners as well as professional bodybuilders. In many ways, this popularity is based on the fact that when taking the drug there is a rapid growth of muscles without moisture retention. All these advantages strongly motivate many athletes to buy stanozolol.

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The first mentions of Stanozolol are dated 1959-1984. First patented in the United States was in 1962. This drug was used primarily for medical purposes: increased appetite, stimulation of muscle growth with significant weight loss, to preserve bone mass, etc. Only relatively recently, stanazolol has been used by powerlifters as an effective means for quality muscle growth. Today to buy stanozolol will not make for you any work.Find out this here.

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Buy Stanozolol Tablets Price Winstrol course in America Anabolic Steroids

Main types of supplies

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Basically, stanazalol is marketed as an oral tablet pill. As a rule, one tablet contains 2 grams. active ingredient. But also this drug can often be found in the form of water-based injections. A single injection usually contains 50 mg. substances.

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Structural differences from other drugs

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As described above, stanozalol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. The most obvious differences from other drugs are the presence of methyl groups in the composition, which contributes to a more powerful protection of hormones during oral administration and the heterocyclic classification of the steroid.

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