Fenix ​​5s sapphire golden with metal bracelet


Fenix ​​5s Sapphire Golden with Metal Bracelet

Fenix ​​5s Sapphire Golden with Metal Bracelet


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GPS / GLONASS watch for everyday life, adventure, fitness and sports

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Fenix ​​5S compact watch (42mm) golden with a metal bracelet, sapphire crystal and Wi-Fi

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Premium watch with GPS / GLONASS, multisport training and built-in optical heart rate monitor Elevate1

Created for active adventures: durable case with a steel bezel, buttons and back cover, water protection 100m

Widgets that show the effectiveness of the course of training are available with one touch

Smart features2 – smart alerts, automatic upload to the Garmin Connect online community and personalization via downloadable free dials and apps from the Connect IQ store

Built-in sensors: GPS and GLONASS, 3-axis magnetic compass, gyroscope, thermometer, barometer and barometric altimeter

Battery life: up to two weeks in smartwatch mode (depending on settings), up to 24 hours in workout mode with GPS or up to 60 hours in saving mode UltraTrac

Improve all day, every day. Fenix ​​5 is a high-quality smart GPS watch with multisport, intelligent notifications2 and a built-in optical heart rate monitor on the wrist1. Improved fitness features and quick-change straps that allow you to leave testabol reviews your workplace for training, without delays. Whatever sport you play, fenix 5 supports it thanks to its built-in activity profiles and performance indicators.

​​5s Sapphire Golden

Two navigation systems

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fenix 5 is equipped with an improved GPS satellite receiver and GLONASS to track the location in difficult conditions. You can count on a long battery life in each mode of operation (specific time depends on the modification of the clock and settings). Protection against water 100m will allow you to travel with confidence wherever you want.

Excellent readability on the go

Bodybuilding: Anabolic Steroids

The SUSTANON 250 – buy Sustanon, Sustanon reviews, price – Finetop Essence bright, full-color Garmin Chroma Display with LED backlighting provides excellent readability in all environmental conditions. The transflective technology, which simultaneously reflects and transmits light, allows the dial to become even more readable in intense sunlight. Find out this here. Versions of fenix sapphire are distinguished by the presence of a sapphire crystal and a Wi-Fi module, to automatically connect to your home wireless network and synchronize workouts directly with Garmin Connect.

Wrist pulse

Elevate technology allows you to capture pulse data directly from the wrist without the need of wearing a chest belt. In addition to counting steps and monitoring sleep, the watch uses heart rate to estimate the number of calories burned, the intensity of your fitness activities.

Quick-change straps fit any style.

A wide selection of QuickFit quick-change leather, metal or silicone straps makes it easy to combine or combine styles with any sport or activity. You do not need tools to relocate, just pull off the latch and swap the straps.

Extended Performance Indicators

Each fenix 5 watch contains complex learning functions that help to monitor fitness and performance. Improved analytics for workout status and training effect show the aerobic and anaerobic values ​​of your workout – so you can see the effectiveness of your actions and even compare the results with your peers. VO2 max processes data, including your running speed, beats per minute and heart rate variability, to estimate the maximum amount of oxygen you can consume per minute. Other fitness metrics include recovery tips with a recovery timer and a recovery check, plus a race predictor that evaluates your ideal ending time based on your current maximum VO2 number.

Advanced Running Dynamics

Now you can analyze even more running data. Training functions combined with advanced physiological metrics and advanced running dynamics will help you improve your fitness and overall performance:

Performance evaluation: after running for 6–20 minutes, fenix 5 compares your condition in real time with your average level of training.

Lactate threshold: through an analysis of your pace and heart rate, fenix 5 evaluates the moment at which your muscles start to tire quickly

Cadence – number of steps per minute

Step Length – shows the step length in real time

Want more? By connecting a watch with a compatible chest pulse monitor, such as the HRM-Run, you can access these additional fenix 5 metrics:

Vertical oscillations and proportion – the degree of jumps when running and efficiency in relation to the length of the step

The time of contact with the ground and balance – shows how much time is in motion, your foot is on the ground, not in the air, and allows you to check your running symmetry

Stress assessment: fenix 5 measures your heart rate variability when you stand still for 3 minutes to give you an approximate level of stress. The scale of this is from 1 to 100; Low scores indicate lower stress levels.

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Profiles of swimming, skiing, rowing sports and more

In addition to running functions, Fenix ​​5 watches also offer special sets of profiles that will help in teaching swimming, skiing, playing golf and rowing. For swimmers, the device tracks the distance, pace, number of strokes and more. Alpine ski / snowboard mode sets the speed, distance, altitude change and automatic start of the session (with an automatic pause for the lift) and much more. A set of functions for rowing includes the number of strokes, frequency, and even distance per stroke. Golf mode gives you the distance to the front, back and middle of the green for any field downloaded via the free Garmin Connect app, and also adds improvements such as tracking statistics (getting into fairways, etc.), viewing the green, recognizing and shock analysis.

Travel with navigation

So that you don’t stray from your path, each fenix 5 model provides accurate navigation and tracking using GPS, GLONASS and additional sensors (altimeter, barometer and compass). The built-in altimeter provides altitude data to accurately track ascent and descent, while the barometer can be used to predict weather changes, demonstrating short-term trends in air pressure. The 3-axis electronic compass indicates the direction whether you are moving or not. In addition, there is a built-in gyroscope that helps improve position accuracy (and save battery life) in UltraTrac mode.

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So many ways to stay in touch.

Smart notifications2 via fenix 5 allow you to receive emails, texts and warnings right on your watch – be it on a trail, on a golf course or just away from your computer. Other smart features include automatic downloads to the Garmin Connect online community, online monitoring and sharing with social media through our free Garmin Connect mobile apps.

Custom applications and dials

Fenix ​​5s Sapphire

You can modify any fenix 5 series watch with free app oxanabol oxandrolone downloads from our Connect IQ store. Change the dial, add data fields and widgets for more convenient use of the device.

Garmin is constantly working with leading companies and software developers in order to make our fenix watches even more convenient to use. Uber, Strava, AccuWeather and many others offer applications and widgets that allow you to customize your fenix 5 to suit your lifestyle more than ever.

Your lifestyle on your wrist

You can also download the free Garmin Face It app to set any photo on your watch face from your smartphone. Just download the app, select an image from your photo library, customize the style and set it as the dial of your watch. Whether it’s a beautiful scenery from your trip or a photo of your puppy, with Garmin you can personalize your watches and make them truly unique.

Amazing design, many features

Athletes and adventure lovers have different tastes and come in different sizes. That is why the fenix 5 series consists of several models that Natural Bodybuilding As A Philosophy Of General Physical Culture | vary in size and appearance to fit your preferences, wrist sizes and requirements for each workout. Each version offers a variety of stainless steel finishes, combinations of QuickFit watch straps, and premium feature sets to give you appearance, performance, and easy comfort to suit your aesthetic and sporting interests.


2When connecting to a compatible smartphone: Garmin.com/BLE

3When connected to a heart rate monitor; sold separately or bundled with some models


Fenix ​​5s Sapphire Watch

Black QuickFit Silicone Strap

Charging / Data Cable

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Identification of the type of the padDaCompatible with VectorYesSize42 x 42 x 15 mmDisplay size1,1″ (27.94 mm) in diameterDisplay resolution218 x 218 pixelsWeight67 g (with silicone bracelet), 125 g (with metal bracelet) Li-ion battery Operation periodUp to 9 days (in smart watch mode), up to 14 hours (GPS / HR), up to 35 hours (UltraTrac ™, without built-in heart rate monitor) Water resistantYes (100 meters) Built-in GPSYesHighly sensitive GPS receiverYes Heart Rate MonitorYes (built-in) Bicycle speed / speed sensorYes (not included) PedometerYes (included) Automatic synchronization with a computer YesCompatibility with Garmin Connect ™ YesFunction Virtual Partner® (Virtual Partner) YesFunction “Ourses” (Track function) YesFunction “AutoPause”(Auto pause) YesFunction “Autolap” (Auto Circle) YesFunction “Auto scroll” (Automatic rewind) YesFunction “Multi-sport” (Multisport mode) Yes Complicated workout Yes Simple workout Standards of the Red Cross Day of May 2010 Refugees of the Red Cross Day of May 2011 read more

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Download Connect IQ ™ apps: Yes

EXO ™ Antenna (GPS / GLONASS): Yes

ANT + ®: YES

Bluetooth® 4.0 LE: Yes

Weather Alerts: Yes

​​5s Sapphire Watch

UltraTrac: Yes

Anabolic Steroids Experiences: SteroidLaw.com – ANABOLIC STEROIDS, BODYBUILDING AND THE LAW

TracBack: Yes

ski training: yes

Physiological measurements: Yes

Boating: Yes

Fenix ​​5s Sapphire Watch

Black QuickFit Silicone Strap

Charging / Data Cable


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