Private or group yoga sessions

Kiko France BJJ - 8011 E Roosevelt St, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Gilbert Yoga - 6 E Palo Verde St #11, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Saturday 12 pm @ Kiko France BJJ

Sunday 10:30 am @ Gilbert Yoga

Wednesday 6 pm @ Gilbert Yoga

I created this website and Tay's Yoga in the hopes to inspire others to dive deeper into themselves and to empower you to become more in tune with your body, your energy, and the energy around you. Yoga is not about being, or even becoming flexible. It's about being able to wake up and feel good every morning. Yoga gives you the ability to feel the tension in your body, release it, cleanse and renew your energy for the day. When you feel good, you can be good to yourself, others, and the things around you.

Yoga to me is not just about showing up for yourself on the mat, but as a lifestyle and showing up for yourself off the mat as well. It has brought compassion, flexibility, oneness, and possibility into my life and that is what I hope to spread and share to you.

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